6th Class 2020, Graduation Day!





You made it !  Today is your graduation day !




It’s been 8 years since you first waddled and toddled through the doors of our school as Junior Infants. We have been so honoured to see you all grow and blossom into the wonderful young adults you are today. Although it’s far from traditional, we hope that today will be a very special day for you… starting right now!

Sit back, make yourselves comfortable and enjoy the following.


To 6th Class, 2020


To my lovely 6th class,

It’s hard to know what to say.

I never thought that I would have to

Say goodbye this way.

I taught ye in 2nd & 3rd,

Which really was a blast.

And last year, Harry joined ye

To make the perfect class.

This year I got to teach ye all,

And it has been my pleasure

To see ye work hard, learn, and grow,

And have great fun together.

We’ve had lots of laughs as a group.

Rows and disagreements too!

Lots of school work, projects, games…

And the odd pun or two! ;c)

We’ve had sports days, cake sales, book fairs,

A few wheelbarrow skeleton races!

Ye’ve headed off on great school tours

With delight on your faces!

No matter what the task was

Ye have strived to be the best.

Be it hurling, football, soccer,

The school newspaper, quizzes or chess.

Let’s not forget the visits from

The Red Kettle drama crew.

Ye got stuck right in with hats and wigs

Outfits and weird props too!

Remember the election that we held?

It caused quite a bit of strife!

I suppose it really gave us

A glimpse of a politician’s life!

With your growth mind-set ye have learned

Working hard is essential.

Try your best and don’t give up and

You’ll reach your true potential.

You are a class with many talents.

Be it with a mic, a pen or ball.

You are caring and you are kind.

I’m so proud of you all.

I can’t wait to see where life takes you

As you journey on your way.

Our door will always be open

If you want to visit us someday.

And so here we are – a strange farewell.

Even a hug I cannot give.

But from the heart, I wish ye the best.

Slán, agus go n-éirí libh xxx

Le mór grá agus gach dea ghuí,

Mrs. Cunningham


6th Class 2020: Graduation Slideshow




A message to all 6th Class pupils from our president Michael D Higgins.



“Wonderful”: a song written and performed by a 6th class pupil from another school, Anna McGee. She wrote this song to reflect her own experience and shared it for all the 6th class pupils in Ireland.




Author, Sarah Webb, invited many well-known Irish people to help her mark and celebrate the graduation of 6th Class, 2020. Over 30 people responded with video messages! These include special messages from Sinéad Burke, John Boyne, Marita Conlan-McKenna, and Gordan D’Arcy – to name but a few.