Whole School Challenges

Happy New Year everyone. We have two challenges for you to try for the month of January ! The first is a positivity challenge and the second is a P.E. challenge. Have fun and remember to send us in some photos that will be displayed on the website.Email your photos to the school here

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Skip Up That Mountain Challenge


Do you know the name of the highest mountain in the world??

What was the name of the first man to climb this mountain??

The mountains we can see from school are called the Comeraghs. The highest point in these mountains is 792metres.

For our PE challenge this lockdown we are going to try and skip the height of these beautiful mountains!!

One skip = 1metre

10 skips =10 metres

100 skips=100metres

You can use skipping rope or just free skip whatever suits you.

Do a little each day and feel your heart rate speed up.

Be careful if using skipping ropes inside make sure you have plenty of room and check with your parents

Good Luck!!!!