Mrs. Power’s Retirement Mass

Mrs. Catherina Power’s Retirement Mass took place in Crehana N.S. today. Fr Thomas Flynn said the mass, and children and staff contributed to show their great appreciation of Mrs. Power’s hard work and dedication. Mrs. Power retired after over 35 years of service to the teaching profession, 26 of which were spent in Crehana N.S. Mrs. Power joined the teaching staff in Crehana N.S. on September 1st 1996 and spent many years as a classroom teacher and also as a learning support teacher. Mrs. Power had been the Deputy Principal the in the school for 13 years.

Mrs. Power’s family as well as the staff, board of management, pupils, and Parents Association in Crehana N.S. are pictured below with Mrs. Power. The children and  Mrs. Emma Fortune made Mrs. Power a beautiful love heart art piece. Every child in the school contributed to this piece by marking their fingerprints on the heart, showing their great love and appreciation of Mrs. Power and her love for them.

Thank you Mrs. Power