Message from Mrs. Eithne Sheehan Principal to all Parents re Uniform

Dear Parents,
It has been brought to our attention that there is a problem with current uniform supply. Outfield Sports supplies our official Uniform and have suggested an alternative. We need to inform you of this proposed change, as uniforms for September 2021 need to be ordered now by the supplier, as a school community we need to commit to this change. The change will be a navy half zip sweatshirt with school crest, which would replace our current sweatshirt. When ordering for your child you will have an option of ordering the Half Zip on its own or a full matching Half Zip Tracksuit.
*A Full Tracksuit( 1/2 Zip Poly Sweatshirt with Crest on Front & Tapered Track pants) Size 2/3 Years- 31″/32″; €40. Size 38″-42″- €46.
If needed pants and tops can be swapped and different sizes paired to accommodate fit.

*1/2 Zip Poly Sweatshirt with Crest on front on its own. Size 2/3- 10/11 Years-€26, 31″/32″- €28, 38″-42″-€30.
*Outfield Sports Offer “A uniform Club” to help spread the cost of the uniform from February. Stock will be available all year round to replace items.

This change will be brought in on a phased basis where both tops – sweatshirt and half zip are recognised as uniform. This will
accommodate changeover.  The BOM and Parents Association have agreed to support this proposed change. We hope this clarifies any questions about this proposed change for Sept 2021.
Is Mise Le Meas
Mrs. Eithne Sheehan
On Behalf of the BOM of Crehana NS