Letter to Parents


Dear Parents,

Little did we think following all our hard work to open from September to December we would once again be faced with a lockdown and homeschooling situation. However, this is unavoidable and outside our control and as always we will work through this together. As teachers our primary focus is the well being of your child at this time along with formal educational achievement.
Every child has different needs and learning styles and every home is different. We are fully aware of this and ask you to just do your best when it comes to homeschooling. It is very easy with social media groups and suggestions to feel overwhelmed. I would ask you to keep the formal work simple and respect your child’s ability. Time with you learning life skills, sharing experiences or simply reading a book are invaluable to your child. At this time we are all fearful for our own and our loved one’s health due to the rising infection rates. It is a time for kindness and compassion to ourselves, our children and others.
Each class teacher will be in contact with daily online learning suggestions. It is important to keep in touch through Aladdin and we will communicate using our website as well. Feel free to contact staff members through emails provided. We will all do our best as we work together.Best of luck!We look forward to meeting you all again in February. May you and yours stay safe.

Le Meas,
Eithne Sheehan
Principal Crehana National School
On behalf of the Board of Management of Crehana National School