A message from Sr. Antoinette Dilworth, Diocesan Advisor

        As we enter into Catholic Schools Week, we are invited to reflect on the importance of faith and resilience in our lives. Catholic Schools are communities centred around the life and message of Jesus Christ. Everything that is said and done communicates God’s love.

The gift of faith, our relationship with God, a  relationship that will never fail us. We are called to trust in God’s love and care for each of us.Resilience reminds us to be steadfast, to hold strong, to draw on our inner resources in difficult times and to believe in God’s protecting care of us.

Over the last few years Grandparents Day has always been a highlight in each of our schools. This year, families could celebrate the importance of grandparents, by for example children lighting a candle beside a picture of their grandparents and saying a prayer and maybe taking phone video to send to their grandparent or by making a thank you card and sending it in the mail.I have attached a simple grandparent prayer which may be of some use to you.

May these coming weeks be a time where instead of great achievements we learn to love, to have patience and live with restrictions.

As Rachael Martin once wrote,  Sometimes the simplest goals can lead to the magnificent results.


Prayer for Grandparents

Thank you God for our grandparents,

who are a special gift to us.


Their welcoming smile and hugging arms

are always filled with love.

Holding our hand and walking together,

telling stories that they remember from long ago,

eating fresh cookies with steaming hot chocolate

are some of the special things we do.

Thank you God for showing us your love,

through our caring nana and grandad.


We pray that you will

fill them with your love

cover them with your peace,

keep them safe under your protection

now and always.  Amen.




Antoinette Dilworth rsj

Diocesan Advisor