Mission Statement

Crehana National School is a Parish School in the urban/rural area of Carrickbeg and Windgap. The school serves boys and girls from Infants to Sixth class.

We see the school as existing to promote the balanced growth and development of each pupil.

It is our wish that while giving a firm grounding in the academic basics, we strive to provide a wide range of learning experiences aimed at nurturing the spiritual, aesthetic, creative and physical faculties of each child.

We seek to work in harmony with groups in the wider community so that local initiatives are supported and that the social conscience of the pupil is developed.

We acknowledge that our school is a Catholic school. The school works to integrate Christian principles of faith and action with good academic programmes to satisfy the challenging demands of the modern world and to provide for individual differences and needs, encouraging personal responsibility and cultivating self-directed, life long learning.

We recognise that parents are the primary educators of their children. The school seeks to collaborate with them in their child’s balanced growth and development.

We believe that the school must provide a creative atmosphere that encourages the child to explore, to question, to discover and strengthen talents, to respect and appreciate other persons, to develop self-confidence, and to have awareness and pride in cultural heritage.