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Mathematics/ Measuring April 2023

Measuring the yard using teamwork. We found that the pitch is bigger than the yard!


Famine Projects February 2023 




Famine Cottages- January 2023



Rugby Coaching- January 2023




 Christmas in 4th & 5th Class



4th & 5th Class reading for Junior & Senior Infants


Anti bullying week in 4th & 5th Class

Our message is to Reach out to help and reach out to ask for help.


Science Week November 14th-18th







Standing on Paper Cups– The Science; When you try standing on the individual cups, they all get crushed. That’s because all of your weight is pressing down on the cups. When you place many cups under the cardboard the cardboard distributes, or spreads out your weight over all the cups.


Skittles Rainbow– The Science; the skittles are coated with sugar and when warm water is added the colouring and coat begin to dissolve very quickly.








Crehana N.S. Boys Hurling Team





Drama Class


Green Flag Committee & Green Flag Messages



Spooky Science Experiment with Ms. Hanrahan